Nonviral Vector Systems

GOI = Gene of Interest
Cat #   Product Price (10 ug)


pCAG-GOI-BL $ 559
v-0929 pCAG-GOI-Neo

$ 559

v-0930 pCAG-GOI-Hygro

$ 559 

v-0931 pCAG-RFP-2A-GOI-BL $ 578
v-0932 pCAG-GFP-2A-GOI-BL $ 578
v-0933 pCAG-RFP-BL $ 578
v-0934 pCAG-GFP-BL $ 578
Inducible Cre-loxP expression systems
v-0924 pCreER-IRES-Puro $ 698
v-0935 pCAG-loxP-3XpA-loxP-GOI-BL $ 698
v-0936 pCAG-loxP-EGFP-loxP-GOI-BL $ 698
Minicircle expression vectors
Cat #  Product 100 ug 200 ug
m-8561 MC-CAG-GFP $ 495 $ 720
m-8563 MC-CAG-RFP $ 495 $ 720
m-8567 MC-CAG-GOI Custom service  
m-8568 MC-CAG-TetR $ 550 $ 880
m-8569 MC-CMV/TO-GOI Custom service  


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Promotor: CAG

Gene expression: Tet repressor protein (TetR)

For use with MC -CMV / TO -GOI as a

Tet-On system in which transgene

expression is repressed by TetR in the

absence of tet/dox and can be activated upon the addition of tet/dox to the cell culture media.



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