Non-perfusion Adult Cardiomyocyte Isolation


Adult M / R Cardiomyocyte Isolation System


Conventional methods for isolating cardiomyocytes is based on Langendorf perfusion with oxygen-equilibrated isolation solutions. The perfusion process is tedious and requires a  complicated Langendorf system, with peristaltic pump, oxygen gas tank, reservoir, and water circulating system.

With this simplified Adumyt Isolation System (which does not requires the Langendorf perfusion apparatus), scientists will find it much more easier to obtain high quality, Ca2+ tolerated cardiomyocytes for their important experiments. This system eliminates the technical difficulties with perfusion and cannulation of small hearts, especially from mouse and other small animals.  

The procedures of the newly developed system consist of the two easy steps: Preparation of  heart tissues and  Enzymatic digestion. Please visit our Isolation Steps for more information about this system.



Cardiomyocytes shown above were isolated  from 6-week-old mice, weighed approximately 24.3 g.


  • Cell viability > 45%
  • Cell yield: 0.3 - 0.5 x 106 cardiomyocytes / adult mouse heart
  • Cells are not suitable for culture
  • Time: One hour

  With this easy-to-use Non-perfusion Isolation System, You Are Guaranteed to Obtain the High-Quality Myocytes for Your Research.



  Cat #   Size   Price

  Adumyt kit 

  ac-7018   6 rxns   $ 310

  AS medium (with serum)

  m-8033   500 ml

  $ 129

  AW medium (without serum)

  m-8034   500 ml

  $ 95

* 1 rxn can do one adult mouse heart  

* AS medium and AW medium are not included in the Adumyt kit


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