General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are included with or on Cellutron invoices and control the sale of products by Cellutron. Any customer who does not have a copy of our General Terms and Conditions may obtain a copy by contacting Customer Service.


Terms of sale are net 30 days of date of invoice(USA customers), unless otherwise stated. Materials will be billed at the price in effect at the time shipment is made. Sales tax will be waived for academic organizations, Charities and for Non-profit organizations. If buyer defaults in any payment when due, under this or any other order, seller, at its option without prejudice to its other lawful remedies, may defer delivery or cancel this contract. Additionally, all accounts past thirty days due will be assessed a late payment charge of 2 % per month.

Place Your Order

You may place your order by the method that is best for you: order by phone, fax, e-mail or on line. Our highly efficient Customer Service Representatives will process your order quickly and accurately: Please prepare the following information when you place your order:

1. Institution or company customer account number
2. Billing address
3. Shipping address
4. Valid Purchase Order Number
5. Name of purchasing agent and department
6. Name and phone number of end user
7. Catalog number and description of product
8. Quantity and size of product
9. To order using Visa, MasterCard, supply the name on the card, the account number and the expiration date.

Changes or Cancellations

If your order has not been shipped, you may initiate a request over the phone to change the order or cancel it. You'll need to confirm your request in writing, as well, and may do so by using the fax line. Unless we receive written notification from you within three (3) days after receipt, your acceptance of the products shipped by us constitutes your assent to the general terms and conditions under which we offer these materials for sale.


Unless we agree otherwise, freight terms are FOB Cellutron's shipping point with freight charges added to your invoice as a separate item. We do not require written confirmation of orders, except for standing, blanket, and change orders. For these exceptions, please clearly mark “Confirming -- Do Not Duplicate” on your written confirmation. We take great care to choose the most appropriate shipping methods for each order based on feedback from our customers. We ensure the accuracy of each order, and we schedule each shipment to arrive at your destination during normal business hours. We reserve the right to make delivery in installments, all such installments to be separately invoiced and paid for when due per invoice. If your complete order does not arrive promptly and in optimal condition, please notify a Customer Service Representative.

Special Shipping Conditions or Carriers

We use FedEx air freight and surface carriers to ensure prompt and cost-effective delivery of your order. If you require other arrangements, just tell us when you place your order. We ship on dry ice, as detailed in the product descriptions. The actual shipping plus $8.50 processing fee per package for USA shipping. The actual shipping plus $28.00 processing fee per package for international shipping. For all nonstandard sera shipments, please check FedEx Rate and Service Guide.

Damaged, Incomplete Shipment and Contamination

If your shipment is visibly damaged, accept the shipment and retain all shipping documents, cartons, and packing materials for inspection. Note on the waybill any visible damage at the time of receipt and report the damage to our Customer Service Representative as soon as possible. You should also call if you find concealed damage or the shipment is incomplete within 30 days upon receive. We will replace the package or missing item(s) without your cost.

If you find the reagents, solutions or medium are contaminated before you open the seal, do not open the seal and report the problem to our customer service within 45 days. We will issue you an item return lable and manage a replacement without your cost. We do not responsible for the opened item seal contaminations.

Use of Products

All Cellutron products should be used only in accordance with labels on the products and other products literature made available. All Cellutron products are labeled “For Research Use Only”. Products are not approved for human or veterinary use or for application to humans or animals, or for in vitro diagnostic procedures. Please contact your Technical Specialist if you have any questions about specific products.


To return any Cellutron product, you must first obtain a return goods authorization (RGA) number. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for instructions. A re-stocking fee of twenty-five percent (25 %) of the amount invoiced will be charged on the return of any product for any reason other than under our warranty described.

Our Warranty

Cellutron sells products in good faith, believing that the products we deliver to you, the original purchaser of our products, will match the description you read in our Catalog and the specifications in the product insert sheet. Below is an abbreviated description of our warranty. The complete warranty statement is located on the reverse of Cellutron invoices or packing lists. In summary, if the product is defective or nonconforming, we will either replace the product or refund the purchase price of the product, provided that:

1. If the problem results from incomplete delivery, you advise us within three (3) days of receipt;
2. You did not cause the problem by altering or misusing the product, or the like;
3. You are the original purchaser of the product; and you advised Customer Service by calling the appropriate telephone number within the specified time limits, and complied with the instructions received from the Customer Service Representative.

All terms and conditions, including price, are subject to change without notice, unless otherwise specified.

Technical Assistance

Unless otherwise agreed, all technical assistance and information we provide to you regarding the products will be provided gratis, and you assume sole responsibility for results obtained by relying on that assistance. We make no warranties regarding such technical assistance or information.

Please Read the Label

Please note the expiration dates, if any, and follow the proper usage and storage instructions provided on the label or product profile for each product. We cannot be liable for a product after its expiration date or for one that has been misused or has become unusable due to improper storage, handling, or label alterations. In certain circumstances, the label, product profile, or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) contain important information, instructions, or warnings. Therefore, it is important to review these items carefully.

Note Hazards

Please read the label for information about product hazards. All Cellutron products should be handled only by qualified persons trained in laboratory safety procedures. Product specific hazard warnings are included in the back of the invoice, in product literature, on product labels and in MSDSs where applicable. All possible hazards of many products may not be known at this time, the absence of a warning must not be interpreted as an indication that the product is safe. Please report any information of new effects (not already described in literature, on labels, or on MSDSs) to the Technical Services Department. Always use good laboratory procedures when handling any products.

By placing an order, you agree to the following:

The purchaser is responsible for compliance with Food and Drug Administration regulations, all state laws, and any other Federal or local laws or regulations governing the use of these materials. Cellutron recommends that the buyer or other user adhere to NIH guidelines published in the Federal Register, Volume 41, No. 131, July 7, 1976 and any amendments thereto. Cellutron disclaims any and all responsibility. for any injury or damage which may occur from the use of these materials, except as provided in the express warranty set forth above.

International Orders

International customers shall be required prepayment, payable in U.S. funds via Visa or MasterCard, Freight charges will be collected whenever possible. A $35 processing charge will be waived when PO is or over two thousand US dollars.

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All Cellutron products should be used only in accordance with labels on the products and other products literature made available.
All Cellutron products are labeled “For Research Use Only”. Products are not approved for human or veterinary use or for application to humans.