Adult Cardiomyocyte Isolation

Guinea Pig/Rat




Rat cardiomyocytes under light microscope, isolated  from 4 month old rat, about 350 g.
Langendorf perfusion was carried out at 37 C without oxygen equilibration. Rat cardiomyocytes can be cultured for at least one week.



Cell viability > 85%

Cell yield: 4 - 5 x 10cardiomyocytes / one adult rat heart

Time: 45 min

Key: Cannulate the aorta to the apparatus of perfusion  system.



This isolation kit works on the following species :


    1. Guinea Pig weight: 100 g ~ 600 g

    2. Rabbit weight: 100 ~ 600 g

    3. Rat weight: 100 g ~ 600 g

        And more...

With Adumyts Syste, You can get the highest yield and viable cardiomyocytes.


Isolation Steps


  Cat #   Size   Price

  Adumyt kit 

  ac-7033   6 rxns   $ 310

  AS medium (with serum)

  m-8033   500 ml

  $ 129

  AW medium (without serum)

  m-8034   500 ml

  $ 95

 * 1 rxn can do one adult mouse heart  

 * AS medium and AW medium are not included in the Adumyt kit


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