Adult Cardiomyocyte Isolation

Adult Rat / Mouse
Cat: ac-7031





High yield, fast and simple method: Adumyt kit is the right choice for the adult rat or mouse cardiomyocyte isolation. Traditional method uses a Langendorf perfusion apparatus to isolate cells with oxygen-saturated digestion solutions. The isolation steps are tedious and requires a perfusion pump, oxygen gas tank, chamber and water circulating system. The cardiomyocyte yield of Ca2+ tolerant is often low, unproducible, and difficult for cell culture.

Powerful Tool for Isolation of Cardiomyocytes

Adumyts kit eliminates oxygen gas saturation. It performs both the perfusion and digestion in the same time. Cardiomyocytes can be isolated as short as one hour. Tremendously speeds up the research process and the most important result:

The Highly Viable Cardiomyocytes You Will Get. Guaranteed !



Simplified Langendorf System




  Cat #   Size   Price
  Adumyt  Kit   ac-7031   6 rxns   $ 410
  AS Medium ( with serum )   m-8033   500 ml

  $ 185

  AW Medium ( without serum)   m-8034   500 ml

  $ 129

* 1 rxn can do one adult rat / mouse heart

 * AS medium and AW medium are not included in the Adumyt kit


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