Stable Cell Line Development

Cellutron offers customized high-quality stable cell line services with optimal production of your proteins of interest. The gene-to-cell service includes gene synthesis, construction of targeting vectors, cell culture, transfection, and drug selection of stable cell lines and confirmation of transgene expression. With the state-of-the-art vector technologies, Cellutron is able to generate stable cell lines in a variety of cell types, including mouse and human stem cells and iPS cells. 


stable cell line-G stable cell line-R


Stably transfected mouse embryonic stem cells express GFP or RFP two months after initial transduction of the fluorescence reporter genes.



Parental cell lines: Human and mouse embryonic stem cells and iPS, HEK293, CHO, BHK, NS0 cells, H9C2 or your specified cell lines.

The process and time line for stable cell line generation:

1. Gene synthesis and construction of mammalian cell expression vectors            

Perform optimized gene synthesis and clone the gene into mammalian cell expression vectors (1 week)

2. Analysis of transgene expression       

Transfection of parental cell lines with expression vectors and evaluate the expression of transgene by RT-PCR/Western blot/ELISA (1 week)

3. Screening of Stable transfectants

perform stability screening for top clones and evaluate 10 passages for final cell line. ( about 4 weeks)

Deliver 2 vials of top stable clones to customer(s)



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All Cellutron products should be used only in accordance with labels on the products and other products literature made available.
All Cellutron products are labeled “For Research Use Only”. Products are not approved for human or veterinary use or for application to humans.