miRNA-Based Gene Knockdown



Cellutron miRNA-based gene knockdown (KD) has following advantages:

1. Highly sequence-specific with 100% homology to the target genes

2. More effective than other gene knockdown approaches (such as siRNA)

3. Allowing two or more miRNA structures to be cloned to the same expression cassette for single or multiple target knockdown

4. With a strong  Pol II promoter for high efficient  miRNA expression in a variety of cell types

5. Generation of stable gene knockdown cell lines

6. Expression of GFP or RFP reporter gene for monitoring transfection efficiency

7. With little or no cytotoxicity



Control knockdown vector:   Containing no miRNA


miRNA knockdown vector:  Containing one miRNA target or with two miRNA targets




miRNA targets for human, mouse and rat genes to be cloned to: v-0926 and v-0927

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  pKD-GFP/RFP-BL (Control)   5ug   $ 605   Order
   v-0926   pKD-GFP/RFP-miR-BL (with one miRNA target)   5ug

  $ 805

   v-0927   pKD-GFP/RFP-miR-BL (with two miRNA targets)   5ug

  $ 805











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