Nonviral Vector Systems


For Efficient Transgene Expression In Vitro and In Vivo

Vector-based expression systems are invaluable tools for the study of gene function and its regulation, the development of various disease models, and clinical therapeutic applications.  Although recombinant viruses have been widely used as vectors for gene transfer, there are major problems with inflammatory response, immunogenicity and insertional mutagenesis, which are still difficult to overcome despite extensive basic and clinical research. Therefore, nonviral vectors remain a viable alternative. Attention has now turned to plasmid vectors, which possess many advantages over viral vectors in terms of safety and ease of use. Many clinical studies have recently been performed using nonviral plasmid vector systems.


Adult rat cardiac fibroblasts

(Transiently transfected)

nonviral expression vector  

Cellutron Life Technologies provides you with powerful plasmid-based expression systems with gene of interest (GOI) as well as your preference of promoters (such as CAG, EF1a, CMV, PGK and SV40), fluorescence reporters (such as GFP and RFP) and selection markers (such as blasticidin, puromycin, neomycin and hygromycin). The fluorescence reporters will allow you to monitor the transfection efficiency while the selection markers will allow you to generate stable cell lines for long term gene expression. Cellutron also provides the inducible Cre-loxP expression systems for scientists to control exogenous gene expression in mammalian cells.  Furthermore, Cellutron Life Technologies has developed new generation of plasmids (minicircle expression vectors ) to improve the safety profile of nonviral gene transfer. Minicircle expression vectors are novel super-coiled minimal expression cassettes, derived from conventional plasmid DNA by site-specific recombination in vivo in E. coli. These vectors lack the bacterial backbone sequence consisting of an antibiotic resistance gene, an origin of replication, and inflammatory sequences intrinsic to bacterial DNA, and can produce persistent gene expression in vitro and in vivo with high efficiency and low cytotoxicity. Recent studies have suggested that minicircle-based expression systems may have significant potential for clinical applications.


Mouse embryonic stem cells

(Stablely transfected)

nonviral expression vector


GOI = Gene of Interest
Cat #   Product 10 ug


pCAG-GOI-BL $ 559
v-0929 pCAG-GOI-Neo

$ 559

v-0930 pCAG-GOI-Hygro

$ 559 

v-0931 pCAG-RFP-2A-GOI-BL $ 578
v-0932 pCAG-GFP-2A-GOI-BL $ 578
v-0933 pCAG-RFP-BL $ 578
v-0934 pCAG-GFP-BL $ 578
Inducible Cre-loxP expression systems
v-0924 pCreER-IRES-Puro $ 698
v-0935 pCAG-loxP-3XpA-loxP-GOI-BL $ 698
v-0936 pCAG-loxP-EGFP-loxP-GOI-BL $ 698
Minicircle expression vectors
Cat #  Product 100 ug 200 ug
m-8561 MC-CAG-GFP $ 495 $ 720
m-8563 MC-CAG-RFP $ 495 $ 720
m-8567 MC-CAG-GOI Custom service  
m-8568 MC-CAG-TetR $ 550 $ 880
m-8569 MC-CMV/TO-GOI Custom service  






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