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Our Cre-loxP Mediated Inducible lentiviral expression vectors produce highly efficient transgene expression in any mammalian cell type, including dividing and nondividing cells. Because lentiviruses can stably integrate transgene into the cell's genome, they also serve as an ideal tool for stable gene expression.  Cellutron Life Technologies has recently developed a powerful Cre-loxP-mediated inducible lentiviral system for controlled gene expression in mammalian cells.


The inducible system contains two Lentiviral vectors with a strong CAG promoter for high-efficient gene expression:


(1) lentiviral vector with single expression cassette or termination sequence alone flanked by two loxP sites, followed by the transgene of the interest and additional blasticidin (BL) expression cassette (for drug selection in the mammalian cells), and


(2) Inducible Cre expression vector that expresses a 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT)-activated form of Cre recombinase and also confers puromycin-resistance for drug selection.

After Lentiviral co-infection, 4-OHT can be added in vitro and in vivo to activate the conditionally active form of Cre recombinase, leading to high-level and regulated expression of miRNAs, miRNA-adapted shRNAs or protein-coding transgenes.





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